The “Shows Per Year” Delusion

Bragging about number of shows per year- I see this constantly, and hear it in person all the time as well. Many magicians or performers are extremely quick to make claims about how many shows per year they do. The sad part is, most of their numbers are so outrageously high, that it’s unbelievable. I once […]

Saddened today to hear of the loss of a dear friend, Scott Morgan

Extremely saddened today to hear of the loss of a dear friend, and one of my favorite musicians to play with. He had an incredibly polished guitar style and sang with a smooth and soft voice that made everyone want to stop and focus on the story he was telling. Haven’t seen him as much […]

Deceptions in Advertising Among Entertainers

So you’re looking for an entertainer for your next event; you’ve done the google searches, narrowed down some results, but still trying hard to make the right decision? I’m providing you with this blog post to give you a few things to look out for, and or be cautious about when hiring an entertainer. The […]